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Americans Led Like Labotomised Chimps, A View from a Scot

February 09
23:38 2012
Michael J Blair  
Perthshire , Scotland

This is a look at how we in the UK view American foreign and domestic policy. I will try not to touch on the G W Bush regime, as it has already been well documented.

When President Barak Obama was elected, the press here went totally overboard on him. No surprise there. Our media are notorious for their inability to to use common sense and reason. At the time, I called for restraint. Obama is only a man. Not a messiah.  The same hysteria was seen in America.  Everything would change overnight.

Well, anyone with a modicum of common sense could see that change would and could not happen quickly. Too many vested intrests involved. Too much money and power at stake. Iraq being a case in point. Destroy the infrastructures of the country, then pay their own companies to build it back up. Astounding that the American public sat back and watched the rape of an entire population!

Over here it became obvious quite early that the whole disgusting adventure was a money making abomination. So when Bush went, people here believed Obama when he promised to end American involvement in middle east conflicts. We also believed what he said about Guantanamo Bay Internment Camp.”It would be closed” was his mantra.

Change was going to come. I suspected nothing would change. Nothing did!

After President Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize, just for being who he was, there was a collective intake of breath here. I was amazed that he accepted this honour. What had he done? War in two countries was still ongoing. Death and destruction were an everyday event. If he had turned down the Nobel committee, he would have shown astounding integrity, and would have been applauded worldwide.

Sadly, ego and ambition allowed this travesty to go ahead. We watch with growing amazement at his sabre rattling at Iran. Is he unaware of the cataclysmic chain of events he could unleash? He and his advisors are either very blinkered or criminally insane!

Ok, now on to the Republicans and their efforts to find the least obnoxious of the four losers who want to embarrass themselves in November. We watch with growing horror at the line up and the nonsense that they spout. Is this really the best calibre of candidate to be found in a country the size of America? If a person like Newt Ginrich can get this close to the levers of power, the world has truly gone collectively insane. The candidates are so bad,I really fear for the future of America.

I write this as a person who has spent many happy times in America. My wife is from California, my inlaws are American. In my visits to America, I’ve never met a person I disliked. Courteous service from everyone serving the public. Always a smile returned with a smile.

The American public deserves better from their politicians. Not to be treated like labotomised chimps, who will be led into manufactured wars and conflicts. The so called Arab Spring being a typical example.

As I said, America deserves much better. I can’t tell you who to vote for, but find out the facts, seek the truth, it’s the least you can do.

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