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Pitying the NYPD: the assault on Liberty Plaza

November 15
21:23 2011
National Correspondent
Los Angeles, CaliforniaTo watch NYPD officers trash Zuccotti Park late last night forced me to light a fragrant candle and six sticks of high-powered incense, and that still wasn’t enough to smooth out my jangled nerves. Those bastards, I thought as I watched the ugliest Americans among us, dressed in dark uniforms and trashing tents in the dead of night. Those bastards should burn in hell, or Herman Cain’s pizza oven, where all nasty NYPD officers go.

Nobody has the right to destroy perfectly good property while so many in this country, and this world, are impoverished and in need. Any officer helping to destroy useful and valuable materials should also be destroyed. We don’t need those kinds of people in this society. Throw those NYPD officers away. Into the dumpster, into the back of the massive garbage truck. Haul them away. I don’t want to see them in my country.

But then I felt pity for them. Any police officer who can’t see his job is in danger, his home possibly threatened with foreclosure, and his civil rights and liberties fully eroded, is more of a meathead than a foe. Yeah, those cocksuckers can be intimidating, with their batons and pepper spray, and their excitement to beat fellow American citizens, but they clearly don’t have a real thought in their head worth examining.

Those batons will not be flying much longer. The police are the People, and if they don’t recognize it soon, they’re going to get steamrolled. When we have to bail out Bank of America once again, and this country pushes Draconian austerity measures, Bloomberg will cut more police officers, more firefighters, more teachers and social workers.

If you’re an officer of the law and you’re using a heavy hand on peaceful protesters, do yourself a favor and soak your bloody night stick in your pepper spray and ram it up your rectum. Better now than later. Get it over with. Your job, your livelihood, your American Dream is done.

As fiscal austerity hangs over the already pitiful economic climate of this country, those among us who think the folks in Zuccotti Park should just get a job are missing the point. They need their heads to be stuck in the dirtiest toilets to get a good look at what’s wrong with this country. Mayor Bloomberg is one of those people. He’s worth a few billion dollars, but when millions of Americans swarm over the land, he will be one of those eaten up without remorse or mercy on the part of the masses. Bloomberg is part of the problem.

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Dennis Blackmon is one American who is standing up to the tyranny and deceit of the mega banks and Washington D.C. He’s not a hippie or a loser, he’s not a carbuncular college kid or a whiny bastard. He’s a Georgia Judge. And he’s had enough:

“Sometimes, only the courts of law stand to protect the taxpayer. Somewhere, someone has to stand up,” Blackmon wrote in a five-page Nov. 2 order in Carroll County Superior Court. “Well, sometimes is now, and the place is the Great State of Georgia. The defendant’s motion to dismiss is hereby denied.”
Blackmon’s order shot down U.S. Bank’s request to throw out a complaint from Georgia homeowner Otis Wayne Phillips, who had tried to get a mortgage modification from the bank. Phillips could not be reached for this story. (source)

In conclusion, after seeing the original Occupy broken and beaten, I view the ugly ordeal as a last desperate attempt on the part of Bloomberg to put an end to this protest. A protest which has sparked a revolution across America, where thousands of Occupy camps have begun and gotten under the skin of local officials, mayors, and governors the country over.

The energy and rage will not die. Maybe it’s the cloud of incense in my apartment, or maybe it’s because I haven’t drank enough water recently, but I remain hopeful. If there isn’t serious financial reform, a halt on foreclosures, and a public execution of the CEOs and speculators and hedge fund managers who caused millions of Americans to lose their statuses, their houses, and their cars, the anger is not going away. Every baton blow, every squirt of pepper spray, and each zipping rubber bullet fired by police breathes another blast of putrid, rotten air onto the sleeping giant called the American Public. They are waking up. They are pissed.

Pity Bloomberg. Pity the police who can’t figure out that Goldman Sachs and Wall Street would slit their throats for a nickel. They are the ones who are going to lose, even if it’s a matter of time, they will not prevail. The movement’s begun. Pluto’s in Capricorn.

It’s a great time to be alive.

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