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Obama’s Flush With Dirty Cash

November 09
21:05 2011

I met an older man in the restroom of the college I teach at. I’d never seen him before, but as we were washing our hands and standing side by side, he said, “That darn Obama’s flush with dirty cash.” I eyed him and his crooked posture. His stoop made my back hurt. “Dirtier than the other folks,” he said, “and it’s sad because I thought he’d be restoring honor for us.”I smiled at him and scrubbed my hands like Phil Specter — with vigor under hot, hot water.”I suppose you young ones still think he’s going to save us,” the man said. “I thought that too, for a long time, since he’s the same color as me, and he’s a good speaker, but he’s left us folks out in the cold. The black folks, the poor folks.” He shook his head. “It’s a shame. A damn awful one.”

Outside there was a band playing popular hits from another decade. It was some kind of special day at the college, and nobody knew how to properly conduct themselves in such a raucous atmosphere.

“The music’s pretty good,” the man said. We stopped washing our hands. I let him use the hand drier first — there was only one.

The music? I asked. It’s good if you like degenerative hits from one of our most god-forsaken eras. Why do these bands take us back to popular hits of the 1980s, like that’s a noise people want to hear.

I dried my hands, and the man left the boy’s room. Obama is flush with dirty Wall Street cash. The bastard. I’d known that all along, ever since I compared McCain’s donors to Obama’s in 2008. Neither of them would work for the majority of the American people, and that was clear by following the money trail.

Where the money comes from is more accurate in predicting the future of American politics than reading the entrails of crows, or drawing in coffee grounds, although I don’t wholly dismiss those techniques. This year, as we gear up for next year’s election, the tale is no different. Obama gives us wordplay about reforming Wall Street and defending the middle class, but if we look at who’s funding him, we see he can’t defend the middle class, or the majority of Americans, even if he wishes to.

And from where is the money coming? The Washington Post reports:

Despite frosty relations with the titans of Wall Street, President Obama has still managed to raise far more money this year from the financial and banking sector than Mitt Romney or any other Republican presidential candidate, according to new fundraising data.

Obama’s key advantage over the GOP field is the ability to collect bigger checks because he raises money for both his own campaign committee and for the Democratic National Committee, which will aid in his reelection effort.

As a result, Obama has brought in more money from employees of banks, hedge funds and other financial service companies than all of the GOP candidates combined, according to a Washington Post analysis of contribution data. The numbers show thatObama retains a persistent reservoir of support among Democratic financiers who have backed him since he was an underdog presidential candidate four years ago.

He’s flush with dirty cash. You think Barack Obama’s going to work for you? Well, he might, if you work high up in Wall Street, or you’re a hedge fund manager, or you’re a part of the “1%”. Unless he’s a Machiavellian character who has tricked everyone during his first term as president, and who is now again raking in Wall Street cash to help him get re-elected, but will instead, during his final term, turn around and reform the financial system, create a fair economy, restore unions, and save the middle class, I wouldn’t vote for him.

I don’t want that kind of trainwreck president to be on my head.

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