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Right Wing On the Run After Reagan’s Remains Stolen from Gravesite

September 03
00:39 2011
DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIREMarco “the golden-winged boy” Rubio has been verbally beaten like a sad-faced pinata by extreme liberal MSNBC hosts Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow. Schultz said Rubio is a political hack and Maddow detailed Scubio Rubio’s hypocritical views on Medicare.

Gage Skidmore

Rubio has fired back at the hosts in a desperate way, but not just because he’s been severely offended by Schultz and Maddow — he also realizes the right-wing took a serious blow to the groin when the grave of Ronald Reagan was pillaged.

But nobody is talking about the hushed situation at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. The brutal attacks launched between the liberal extremists and the boy with golden wings started at the Reagan Library on August 24. While the media has been obsessed with the slipshod brain-bashing going on, nobody has mentioned that Reagan’s remains are still missing from Simi Valley’s presidential library.

Dubio Scubio Rubio very briefly mentioned in his speech that a great atrocity had occurred right here, and he pointed to the floor. For those who didn’t realize the late great Reagan had been stolen from his supposed-to-be-permanent burial spot, the gesture could easily have been missed.

Nubio Rubio was referring to the greatest left-wing heist in American history. The Marxist group Thunder Overhead took responsibility for Reagan’s missing remains, and then later they admitted they’d dumped those remains at sea in order to give Reagan a proper burial.

See Reagan & His Horse spotted at a beach in Dana Point, California 

Thunder Overhead’s entire objective in stealing Reagan’s remains was to ensure that Simi Valley would not become a bastion of right-wing worship. They didn’t want Republicans making Mecca to throw a few prayers into the air before the grave of Ronald Reagan.

Rubio and the right wing are on the run. The battlefield is bloodied by the Reagan fiasco. They can’t let the liberals win. The liberals are just, so, liberal. But one day Reagan will return in his glory, shining bright like three hundred thousand cancer-causing fluorescent light bulbs. He will save his children, and he will avenge those who stole his remains and dumped them into the sea.

You will see! We will see!

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