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Power Out in Koreatown: A Blown Transformer Sounded Like "Aliens Were Coming"

August 05
20:49 2011
UPDATE – Michelle Bennett alerted me on Twitter that a solar flare has hit Earth and that power is out all over the country. She provided me with this link:

1800Z, August 5, 2011 – The shock passed ACE just over 30 minutes ago; watch now for more geomagnetic and solar radiation storm activity.

My friend Marvin (whose actual name is Marlin) called me to say a transformer blew out in Los Angeles’ Koreatown this afternoon and has affected the residential blocks between Olympic and 8th, and Wilton and either Gramercy Dr or St Andrews. The residents came out of their houses and apartment complexes scratching their heads and squinting their eyes against the bright midday sun. I went over to see the damage.

Scott Sandars

“vrooOOOM! VROOooom” one man said, explaining the sound of the blown transformer and trying to mimic the sound fading in and out. “You ever seen War of the Worlds?” I admitted I hadn’t. “You haven’t seen that movie?” he asked. No, I said, but I bet if the movie’s good enough they’ll make it into a novel.

“I thought the aliens were coming,” he said. They still might be, I said and left.

I walked along San Marino trying to get an estimate of the damage. A older Hispanic woman with a young Korean woman asked me what was happening. “We heard huge explosions,” they said, “and we hope there isn’t a fire.”

I told them the story about this being a possible act of alien terrorism. And I’m not talking illegal aliens, I said, I’m talking about real interstellar traveling aliens, maybe even time traveling aliens. They can probably bend space and time, and somehow that transformer up there blew out with all the pressure.

“Oh my,” the Hispanic woman said, “I don’t believe in that stuff.” But she looked worried.

I wouldn’t either, I said, but you heard that explosion. Something big happened. “The explosion was big,” she said. It wasn’t small, I said.

The firetrucks came, assessed the situation, found no evidence of a fire, and left in a hurry.


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